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We have been Mechromantix for the better part of 4 years without ever really getting to where we want to be, musically-speaking.  A lack of gigs has been the main stumbling block, perhaps because our music leans more to the progressive genre than to the 3-minute catchy pop song.  We have therefore decided to put things on ice.

All band members have been cryogenically frozen and will be revived when the East Kent music scene is more receptive.  To aid this, last week we launched MAMS (Music Appreciation Monitor Satellite) which is in a geostationary orbit above Canterbury and which monitors live music events in an 85 mile radius (including Northern France).  It takes into consideration the number of attendees, frequency of comments like "these guys/gals are cool", instances of people getting up to dance and number of beard-stroking events.  This data is collated by MAMS and relayed to Mission Control and when pre-set thresholds are reached, the band will be revived complete with new concept album "Tales From A Frozen Archipelago".

Fortunately, the latest brain monitoring systems are in place so any new compositions that may come along will automatically be uploaded as brain wave files on the site's listen page.

You may continue to email the site; MAMS will be happy to hear from you and will respond when she's not re-configuring her Tom-Toms.

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